• Since 2022 I'm working full-time at Spotify.


  • For the last year, DPG media contracted me as a machine learning engineer. Here, I work on the recommendation engine of a soon-to-be-launched multi-brand app and website. Currently, my role is product owner technical debt.


  • MonetDBe, an embedded version of MonetDB with a SQLite compatible interface and fast Numpy array and Pandas DataFrame support.

  • eduVPN Linux client and Python API 2.0.

  • KERN-6, the 6th iteration of the KERN radio astronomy software suite.

  • Pybl3p - Python & Pandas API for Bl3p, the Dutch cryptocurrency exchange.

  • A new (0.11) release of python-snap7 Snap7 is an open source, Ethernet communication suite for interfacing natively with Siemens S7 PLCs.


  • Training deep reinforcement learning agent to optimise long term investment strategies using a simulation of the Dutch electricity grid for Alliander.

  • Algorithmic parfume design for scentronix. Collaborative filtering for recommending parfume recipes based on a personality profile.


  • Containerisation and packaging of software used in the search for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence. Breakthrough Listen at Berkeley SETI.

  • Simulation of realistic network metrics for MANRS.

  • Vacuum-cleaner - deconvolving radio telescope data using deep learning.

  • Modular data reduction pipelines for astronomy data based on CWL and KERN. OBELICS industrial partner project for ASTERICS.

  • Software packaging and cluster tooling for APERTIF



  • KERN, the radio astronomy software suite

  • Kliko, the Scientific Compute Container Specification and Support Library

  • Live image and user interface for the sensor probe of the Cyber Intel Framework



  • A Python API for the snap7 Siemens PLC communication library


  • Client side (javascript) encryption for SURFfilesender, the browser based file sharing platform


  • Python API for MonetDB

  • Jan, an autonomous agent operating on Twitter and correcting people's spelling mistakes


  • Sonic Gesture. Computer Vision software written in C++ to translate real time hand poses into MIDI